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What Patients Need to Know About Emergency Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A man in dental chair ready for oral surgeryExperiencing a dental emergency can be quite traumatizing. Whatever the source of this emergency, whether it is acute pain or an accident causing tooth loss, it is essential to know how to act.

Red Flags of an Emergency

Severe tooth pain, abrupt swelling, knocked out or fractured teeth, continuous bleeding, and any facial or jaw trauma are common occurrences in a dental emergency. You must seek immediate dental assistance if you encounter any of these.

Contact Your Dentist Right away

In case of an urgent dental issue, get in touch with your dentist right away. Many dentist clinics include guidelines for after-hours services with emergency telephone numbers.

Interaction With Your Medical Professional

Communicating openly and clearly with your oral surgeon or dentist is crucial. When explaining the dental emergency, you must also give a thorough medical history, mentioning any allergies, prescription drugs, and underlying medical issues.

Handling Pain and Swelling

Over-the-counter painkillers and a cold compress to the affected area can help temporarily ease intense discomfort or swelling. Aspirin might irritate the gums or increase bleeding, so avoid aspirin.

Observe Pre-Surgery Instructions

If your dentist advises urgent oral surgery, abide by any pre-operative instructions they offer you. A comfortable and straightforward surgery may entail modifying medications, fasting before the procedure, or other guidelines.

After Surgery Care

Pay great attention to the post-operative instructions your oral surgeon or dentist provides after the procedure. This could entail taking over-the-counter or prescription painkillers as directed, avoiding specific foods, maintaining proper dental hygiene, and scheduling follow-up visits for monitoring and possible modifications.

Attend Follow-up Appointments

Keep track of your recuperation efforts by attending any planned follow-up appointments. During these consultations, your dental team can evaluate the healing process, resolve any issues, and modify the course of therapy.

Timely action and direct communication are crucial for dental crises. Speedily seeking competent dental care can help you get pain relief, avoid adverse effects, and facilitate a full recovery. Call our office right away if you have experienced a dental emergency.

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