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What To Do If You Experience Nauseous When Brushing Your Teeth

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Evan
What To Do If You Experience Nauseous When Brushing Your TeethThe most important aspect of maintaining good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth. However, many people may experience nausea when brushing.

Feeling nauseous when brushing can make this routine task unpleasant. Various factors, including gag reflex sensitivity or certain dental conditions, can cause nausea during brushing.

Continue reading to know what to do if you experience nauseous when brushing your teeth:

Shorten The Time You Spend Brushing Your Teeth

If you experience nausea while brushing, try shortening the duration of your brushing sessions. Brushing for two minutes, as recommended by dental professionals, may be too long for some people.

Instead, try reducing the time to 30 seconds or a minute and focus on effectively cleaning all tooth surfaces. Gradually increase the brushing time as your tolerance improves.

Distract Yourself When Brushing

Distracting yourself during brushing can help divert your attention from the sensation of nausea. You can try various methods, such as listening to music. These techniques can help shift your focus and reduce feelings of nausea, making the brushing process more manageable.

Use A Smaller Toothbrush Or Switch To An Electric Toothbrush

Using a smaller toothbrush or switching to an electric toothbrush may help minimize the gag reflex and reduce the likelihood of triggering nausea. A smaller toothbrush head can be easier to maneuver and control. An electric toothbrush's rotating motion may provide a more gentle and less stimulating brushing experience.

Avoid Touching The Back Of Your Mouth

The back of the mouth, particularly the area near the throat, can be more sensitive and prone to triggering the gag reflex. When brushing, focus on the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth.

Also, avoid touching the back of the tongue and the far reaches of the molars. Concentrating on these areas can help minimize the sensation of nausea. Call our dentist today to learn how to cope with feeling nauseous when brushing your teeth.

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